Cleaning Outdoor Venetian Blinds

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downloadHaving external venetian blinds may be extremely good looking and nice, but more than a few people have reported of having trouble with cleaning them. Of course, everything gets a bit dirty after a while, and outdoor Venetian blinds are no different. And since people say that they actually don’t really know how to do clean them, we’ve decided to give you some pointers and tell you how to do it properly. So, just read this, and cleaning your outdoor Venetian blinds will never be a problem again.

Now, before you start with the actual cleaning process, you’ll need to prepare for it. You need to check if your outdoor Venetian blinds have any problem spots on them, such as stains, splats, places that are sticky, etc. You should use a spray cleaner, and then get rid of them. After you’ve sprayed them, clean it off with a paper towel.

Then, you can begin with the cleaning process. But first, you’ll have to place your blinds in the shut position, because you’ll never be able to clean them if they’re open. Then, you need to get a cotton glove or a dust attractant glove. If you don’t have any of those, you can use a dry cloth. Make sure that the glove (or a cloth) is dry, because a wet or oily one will leave cleaning marks, and you don’t want that. This will especially happen in the wooden parts of the blinds.

Then, once you’ve cleaned the blinds from any dust, make sure that you’ve gotten rid of all of it by placing your finger on them and pulling it. If there is no dust left on your fingers, that means that there is no more dust there. Then, you should open the blinds, and then shut it back, but this time, do it in the opposite way. You should repeat the procedure, which will make you clean them from the other side, which is really important.

You must remember to clean the glove (or at least to hit the dust away from it) after each blind you clean. Unless you do this, the dust will keep gathering on the dust, which will only make you move it onto the next blind. This will only cause more damage, which is why we strongly urge you to clean it after removing dust from each blind. The best solution would be replacing the glove or the cloth after each blind, but we are aware that it is basically impossible to have so many gloves, so a thorough clean up will do the trick as well.images

As we have heard, many people have been having trouble with the cleaning of their outdoor Venetian blinds, and we believe that, with these tips, we have helped you realize that this is nothing scary, and that practically, everyone can do it. All you need is some cleaning fluid and a cleaning glove, and even this is can be replaced with a regular cloth. So, this is nothing scary or complicated, just an ordinary cleaning job.

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Using a sales consultant to drive sales

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A sales consultant is of importance in driving sales in that they identify and meet customer’s needs and maintain excellent after-sales. On meeting the customer’s needs the sales are driven in that the suppliers will be able to produce what is in demand by the customer hence high sales due to high demand by the customers. Due to this the sales consultants are meant to maintain an excellent after- sales relationship between the seller and the customer since everyone is satisfied with the market supply and demand. On the other hand, sales consultants are important in that they provide information on products and services and keep records of completed sales .this is of importance to the suppliers in the market in that the kept records provide information for future reference in case the products of the same nature are supplied to the market in future.

This information helps in knowing whether the product supplied has appreciated or depreciated over the years. Based on this the supplier will be able to take measures for maintaining the supply in case of appreciation of the product or contrthree-people-going-over-paperworkolling the supply in case the product is depreciating. They also ensure that the sales meets sales quotas by creating a wide customer base, provide individual attention to customers, make sales calls to existing and potential clients and constantly seek opportunities to develop sales and marketing techniques. All these are important in driving sales in that when a large number of customers are available and customers have individual attention of the supplier, the sales are likely to increase hence sales are thus drive.

Sales consultants also educate customers on the best products to purchase from suppliers through demonstrations. This is also of great influence in driving sales in that the good purchased are likely to increase demand of the same good when it has been proven by the customers to be of quality through their outcome. When the results of those products are positive the demand for the same increase thus increasing the supply of the same and due to this sales are driven. Sales consultants are meant to be service oriented meaning that they ensure that the customers are satisfied with their purchases and also due to the fact that they ensure that suppliers are satisfied with their sales. Due to this the sales consultants are known to be constructing good rapport between the supplier and the customer and this rapport helps in driving sales in that they are able to communicate and agree on given prices which are of benefit to both the seller and the buyer.

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Customer ConceptTo be a successful sales consultant, one must have the following qualities; promote one thing at a time to ensure maximum number of sales, lead with your biggest benefit to ensure that you attract prospects to promotional message, personalize your approach to ensure that more people buy from you for they will feel that you are talking directly to them about their individual needs, provide specifics on how the product is fast, easy and less expensive so as to generate more sales and finally, dramatize feeling to ensure that the customer gets excited about using the product and thus increasing sales through impulse buying.

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Using Social Media To increase traffic

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Ask a business owner or a marketer what they would like most in this world, they will tell you more customers. What comes after more customers have joined the business wish list? Automatically, there will be more traffic in their site. How can a business owner increase the traffic to their website? One of the common answer, using social media to increase traffic.

canstockphoto15692610Use high conversion Keywords. In social media, several types of keywords generate more engagement than the rest. Keywords attracts more clicks and exposure and using them intelligently increases the visibility and effectiveness of your blog post. Moreover, engage long tail keywords since they not only increases visibility but also increase web searches too. For leading social media, here are some of high conversion keywords. -Facebook; when, where, deals, submit and discount, -Twitter; follow, retweet, check on and new blog post. -LinkedIn; improved, increased, researched, reduced and developed. -Google+; promote, create, increase, discover, share.

Expand your audience with hashtags.Different people use hashtags in their updates and social media posts to get immediate followers and reach new audiences. They lead up to social media discussion, trends and chats and can be used for a wide range of purposes. Statistics show that tweets with hashtags attracts two times more engagement and almost forty percent of tweets with hashtags get retweeted. At first, Facebook didn’t engage use of hashtags but currently, using one or to hashtags can engage up to 593 interactions per post. From the word go, Google+ has encouraged use of hashtags and are added to the content posted.

Use Visual Content to Increase Engagement.Social media was mainly designed for visual content rather than simple text based content. Adding appealing visual content to the content posted can attract more traffic to your site. It is necessary to include videos, images, vines and other forms of visual content to the update posted. Statistics shows that, image-based content attract 39% more engagement for Facebook users, 28% for Google+, 98% for LinkedIn and 200% for tweets having images, videos and vines.

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Use short updates.Surprisingly, shorter updates attract more traffic compared to longer ones. This could be because social media users have shorter concentration span hence they give little attention to detailed and long updates. Tweets having 100 or less characters attract 17% more engagement while updates consisting of 40 characters or less attract 80% more engagement for Facebook users.

Write irresistible headlines.The most important part of the content posted is the headline. It will determine if your article will go read or unread. It is therefore necessary to use compelling headlines or else your content will go unread. It s advisable to write up to twenty headlines before finally arriving at the headline that will increase traffic to the website. Therefore, think critically about the headline before hitting post button.

facebook-logoUse a friendly website structure.Website structure has direct impact on the followers and number of shares you attract. Visitors will often find you through social media updates or Google searches hence, you need to have a website that allows your followers to follow your social media and share the content. To achieve this, enable twitter cards as they display more informations such as links, products and blog posts. Moreover, use Facebook Open Graph, this allows your image is always featured in the content posted.
Do you want to attract more customers to your site? Engage these methods today to achieve your business goals.

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